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Genres A (as Alternative) to Z (as Zydeco) – genres depending on the shows
Our live shows (24 / 7 program) – all shows will be repeated from time to time:
For details please visit our Schedule

AFTERWORK (News & Music)
News / events of the day and good music

Afterwork Medizin (News / Medical Research / Health)
News & Info (Health & Medical research) and good music

Blue(s) Notes – (Blues – Blues-Rock – Boogie & more)
All about the Blues!

BLUESTIME with Norbert Egger – (Blues) –
Blues & Blues Charts

Café électronique – (80s – 90s – Dance – House – Club)
Enjoy finest 80s, 90s, Dance, House and club sounds!

Chiller’s Beauty – (Chillout – Dreampop – Ambient – Lounge – Dreamdance – Newage)
Escape from everyday‘s life and daily routine and enter this world of smooth and relaxing chillwaves!

Cosmic Chill Lounge – (Chillout – Lounge – Ambient – Newage – Downtempo)
Makes every day end smooth and soft!

Country Pearls – (Country – Americana – Bluegrass)
Finest Country music of different styles like Country, Alt, Country, Bluegrass, Honkey Tonk and Western-Swing, Nashville Sound and Americana – enjoy!

Dunkel ist die Nacht – (Darkwave – Gothicrock – Metal)
Want it a little darker? Here it is! The show for the darker shades of music!

Eine Zeitung berichtet (Satire & Music)
Satire show with articles taken from

Featured Promo-Partner (Various music styles)
Ear catching music from our international radio promo partners! Enjoy!

Finest Selection – (Various music styles)
Hand picked selection of different music styles, always fresh and exciting!

Good News – Positive News & Music –
Do you miss good news in this world of daily horror and bad news? Here it is your GOOD NEWS ONLY show! With positive news and music making you feel good.

Global Reggae Charts – (Reggae)
Our reggae charts show.

Im Takt – choir music with Jürgen Bruch – (Chormusik / Choir – gospel & coversongs)
(on sundays 6 – 7 pm and on thursdays from 7 – 8 pm)
Journey through different colorful choir music styles – as well as modern Rock & Pop cover songs, melodies from famous musicals and operas, gospels…. And many more!

Jazzy Mood Café – (Smooth)Jazz – Swing – Bigband –
A fine selection of different jazz styles.

Kaleidoskop (Science & music)
Discover science in your daily life! You do not have to be a scientist to understand what‘s going on! Just be surprised how many things in daily life hide some science inside!

KFK-KA … (Klinikfunk Karlsruhe / hospital radio)
Shows of our partner, hospital radio Klinkfunk at Städt. Klinikum in Karlsruhe

Knabbelkümpken – with Dr. Klaus-Werner Kahl – Low German
(on mondays from 6 to 7 pm and on fridays from 7 to 8 pm)
Low German music & speech. Stories, fairytailes, poems and more.

Metal Roses (Symphonic Metal – Speed Metal – Power Metal & Metal Ballads)
Enjoy the symphonic sides of Metal!

Moon Light (Synthiepop – Future Pop – Gregorian – Metal Ballads)
Love it a bit darker? This is the right show for you!

Oldie Charts (Oldies – 60s – 70s – 80s – 90s)
Enjoy this journey from the 60s to the 90s!

POSTILLNEWS (Satire & Music)
With articles taken from Don‘t worry, be happy!

Promo-Mix / Featured Promo Partner – (Various music styles)
Hand picked selections from the rich catalogues of our international radio promo partners!

Rock-O-Phon (Various rock styles)
Rock at its best! Classic Rock, Country Rock, Blues Rock, Melodic Rock, AOR; Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock….and more. We will rock you!

Rock op Platt (various rock styles with LowGerman speech)
Another wonderful Rock show with lots of diffrent Rock styles and even a bit of Heavy Metal inside!

Sahnestücke – (pieces of cream gateau) (Various music styles)
Smooth and soft pieces of ear candy … soft rock, pop, indie pop, folk, singer songwriter, instrumentals, easy listening… and many more!

Saturday Dream Night – (Various music styles)
Let‘s just dream! Close your eyes and enjoy this fine selection of Pop, Folk, RnB, Soul, Bluegrass, Instrumentals, Easy Listening… and many more°

The Rhythm Train (Jazz – Swing – Soul – RnB – Funk)
Rhythm is King! Feel the rhythm of Smooth)Jazz, Funk, RnB, Soul, Swing, Bigband sounds, Boogie, Reggae, Latin or Calypso!

The Whisper of Ages – (Celtic, Irish Folk, Scottish Folk)
Finest Folk music, Irish Folk, Scottih Folk & more!

WoW – World of World Music – (various World Music styles)
We invite you to have a musical around-the-world trip through finest Worldmusic of different countries and cultures!

All our shows will be repeated from time to time at different dates and times.
What‘s on the schedule this week? Just have a look at our >>> Schedule <<<

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