23. März 2023

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Erik Wollo

Norwegian electronic artist Erik Wøllo has been creating music since 1980. During that time he has produced over 20 solo albums at his own Wintergarden Studio in Oslo. Using guitar as the primary instrument in a highly imaginary and emotional music, Wollo builds bridges between grand symphonic realms and minimal, serene atmospheres.


Possessing a sense of drama and storytelling, his compositions continually explore and expand upon his 35 years of musical experience. Wøllo has collaborated with some of the most respected artists in the ambient music world including Steve Roach, Deborah Martin, Ian Boddy, and Sverre Knut Johansen. Wøllo’s other releases on the Spotted Peccary label include Guitar Nova, EMOTIONAL LANDSCAPES, BLUE SKY RED GUITARSELEVATIONSTRACESIMAGES OF LIGHTSOLSTICE, and the 2013 collaboration with Deborah Martin, BETWEEN WORLDS.


Photo and text: with many thanks to Spotted Peccary Music


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