30. Mai 2023

Radio Regentrude

Seit 2010 on Air | Das etwas andere Webradio | Wir sind 24/7 bunt wie das Leben & nordisch frisch! Wir sind unabhängig | nicht-kommerziell | Gema + GVL lizenziert

Radio FAQ English

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Radio FAQ English

Collected questions and answers, around Radio Regentrude.

Find out how easy it is to listen to our program, make music requests and give feedback on our broadcasts, what music you can listen to on our station, who the Regentrude is, how long our station has been around and much more!

Your question is not listed? Please use our contact form!

You can easily tune in 24 / 7 anytime and anywhere - without registration or annoying downloads. Just use the already pre-installed / on board players of your device such as VLC Player, WinAmp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Audacious, Clementine etc.!


You can also receive us via your smartphone, your smart TV (keyword "Hbb TV"), devices like Alexa ("Alexa, play Radio Regentrude") or modern, portable internet radio receivers with vTuner and car radios with internet.

To do so, simply select a player in the column on the right, in the area next to the red streambox, by clicking on the link with the corresponding name. You can find an overview of all connection options here.

Yes! Just tell Alexa to play Radio Regentrude: "Alexa, play Radio Regentrude!"

This should be possible without any problems.

Simply go to https://radio-regentrude.de and select a player, e.g. our web player.

You can find out how to add individual stations to your device in the operating instructions for your TV under the keyword "HbbTV".

Use our handy web player or one of the pre-installed players on your device (e.g. WinAmp, VLC or iTunes)!

Overview of audio players (most used):

Radio Live Stream URL: https://radio1.stream24.net:9260/stream

Webplayer (for mobile devices): Opens by clicking this link

WinAmp + VLC (.pls): https://www.stream24.net/tune-in/r6247.pls

iTunes: https://radio1.stream24.net:9260/stream

Alternative Player (m3u): https://www.stream24.net/tune-in/r6247.m3u

Windows Media Player (.asx):  https://www.stream24.net//tune-in/r6247.asx

You can find more options for tune-in here on our homepage.

This should be possible without problems, if your device has the vTuner.

Please use this link:

Alternative Player (m3u): https://www.stream24.net/tune-in/r6247.m3u


Radio Regentrude offers 24 / 7 a colorful, interesting and varied program with international music from A as in Alternative to Z as in Zydeco - including mainly selected releases from our international music partners and songs from independent artists from around the world. On Radio Regentrude you can enjoy 24 / 7 hand-picked, exceptional music for upscale listening pleasure from a wide variety of genres - just the right mix for everyone who is always curious and open to new things and interested in music far beyond the record plate edge and outside the ubiquitous mainstream!

Yes, but not as a main focus. We don't want to play exactly the music that dozens of other stations already have in their program, but rather offer you something really special!

We are not a mainstream station - and we don't want to be - but we deliberately offer 24 / 7 exceptional music for upscale listening pleasure that you won't find elsewhere.

Radio Regentrude is therefore exactly the right station for all who are curious about new things and also want to enjoy music outside the usual mainstream


We offer broadcast formats with a musical focus (with selected genres or finely tuned genre mixes) as well as news programs, satirical magazines and programs with a focus on information - e.g. from the subject areas of medicine & health / knowledge / current affairs / PC, security and Internet. An overview of our broadcast formats can be found under the corresponding tab Broadcast Formats (shows) on our homepage.

The „Regentrude“ is a friendly fairy from an art fairy tale written by the famous German poet Theodor Storm in 1863.

The Regentrude stands as a stone figure on the fountain in front of the town hall in Norderstedt, the town where Radio Regentrude is located.

You can find more interesting details about the Regentrude here on our pages.

Radio Regentrude was founded in 2010 as a licensed, independent and non-commercial online radio station and went on air for the first time after a successful test run on 5.2.2010.

You can find more interesting information about our station here.

Yes, of course we have the necessary licenses from Gema and GVL and pay monthly license fees to the artists‘ rights collecting societies.

In addition, our program is officially registered with the State Media Authority of Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein (a supervisory authority / institution that ensures that radio stations always comply with legal requirements (such as Youth protection and others).

Please just click on the "Broadcast Schedule" tab (labeled „Sendeplan“) in the header menu of our homepage or follow this link.

Please note:

Our broadcast schedule is always updated on weekends for the upcoming week.

Please use our contact form (please follow this link) for feedback on our broadcasts and for your ideas and suggestions.

This is very easy via our song request and greetings box. Just click on the tab on our homepage, fill out the small form and send it!

If we have the desired music titles in stock, we will fulfill music requests in the next suitable broadcast!

If you leave your email address in the online form, we will gladly send you an info in which broadcast your desired title runs!

If you do experience problems with reception of our station, please try the following tips:

1. simply restart the desired player again

2. check if the volume on your device / in your player was turned off by mistake

3. if you are using headphones / a headset: Check if they are plugged in / the battery power is still sufficient

4. make sure that your device is connected to the internet

5. make sure that the audio player you want to use is installed on your device / supported by your device

6. start another audio player if necessary

01 Please use a unique nickname. Names like "Hello" or "Guest" can quickly lead to confusion and misunderstandings. The rules of politeness and decency also apply to the choice of a nickname.

02. obscene words, hate, terms with racist, discriminatory or similar meanings as well as insulting or otherwise youth endangering terms are not allowed as nicknames.

03. please always use the same nickname, if possible, so that there is no irritation or confusion.

04. always treat others as you would like to be treated yourself, i.e. politely, friendly and with respect!

05. please ask if something is unclear to you or you do not know how a statement is meant!

06. racist, insulting, obscene, right-wing extremist, xenophobic, sexist, drugs or alcohol consumption glorifying and similar statements are just as unwelcome as hate speech, youth endangering content, frontend advertising for other radios, websites, communities, sex sites, gambling sites, drugs, crackz and warez, etc.

07. Please ask a moderator before posting advertisements or links.

08. please avoid writing whole words or sentences in capital letters – Capitalizing whole words is generally considered yelling at them

09. in case of problems with other chatters please clarify it among each other and not publicly in the chat; please contact a moderator if necessary!

10. if you have questions about the operation of the chat, our moderators will also help you!

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