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On Radio Regentrude you can listen to an exceptionally colourful, varied and interesting 24 / 7 program – a multifaceted sound experience: a refreshing mix of individually and professionally designed, hosted live shows and selected, hand-picked international music (including varied releases from our international music partners and independent artists from all over the world) – music for the highest listening pleasure and far beyond the record plate of the ubiquitous mainstream.

Of course, we also have mainstream content, but it is not at the heart of our broadcasting concept, but is one of many colorful mosaic stones of the colourful whole.

On Radio Regentrude, the individual issues are kept varied within one format, so that even frequent listening does not cause boredom. E. g. : in „Rock op Platt“ you can hear more classic rock, then more hard rock and / or heavy metal. In “Holli’s Rock & Blues Corner” the focus changes between blues, rock and blues rock. In “Chiller’s Beauty” you will hear pop, dance-pop and ambient, with different weightings and in our “Country Pearls” you will find Country, Americana, Bluegrass and Folk always in new combinations. This this well thought-out system applies to all of our broadcast formats!

Our team members are not interchangeable voices, who mainly read news and traffic or weather forecasts and present the titles of a centrally generated playlist, a playlist strictly according to monetary aspects such as sales figures, hit potential, click rates and plays – on Radio Regentrude each host is the soul of the respective radio show, individual, distinctive and unique.

Just tune in, listen an enjoy, we are there for you 24 / 7!

We have radio shows with a musical focus as well as shows with a focus on information & science.

Most of our radio shows are in German. Since most of our broadcasts are about music, you can enjoy them even if you don’t understand German.

If you prefer listening to English language radio shows, we recommend:

Halo-Halo with Chong (English and Gemran)

Moondance with Martika (English and German)

Texas Country CD review show (English)

Jerry Eicher Ol‘ Hippie Bluegrass Show (English)


To find out when these radio shows are on, please check our broadcast schedule here (link opens in new window)

All times indicated refer to CET resp. CEST






Afterwork /w Willy Wuff – News Magazine (News & Music) – 

News / events of the day and good music





Afterwork Medizin – (News / Medical Research / Health)

News & Info (Health & Medical research) and good music



Blue(s) Notes – (Blues – Soul-Blues – R&B – Blues-Rock – Boogie & more) – with Ms. Urmeline –

Attention new broadcasting time

In this show we present the finest blues in all its colors such as: blueeyed soul, R&B, soul blues, delta blues, Chicago blues, country blues, boogie, desert blues, electric blues, gospel blues, southern rock and blues rock. And of course,releass of  our international music partners as well as from independent artists 

Bluestime mit Norbert Egger auf Radio Regentrude


BLUESTIME  by and with Norbert Egger 

every Saturday from 8 – 9 p. m. 

Editions: Feature, Charts and Special. A onehour program with interesting artist portraits, exciting background information, current tour dates and of course lots of the finest blues! The Bluestime Feature is dedicated to a special topic in each issue, e.g. Chicago Blues; the Bluestime Charts contains, among other things, the current blues charts and exciting stories about the artists.

You can listen to the following editions:

1st Saturday of the month: Bluestime Feature (e.g. Chicago.Blues)

2nd Saturday of the month: Bluestime Special (artist portrait)

3rd Saturday of the month: Bluestime Charts

4th Saturday of the month: Bluestime Special (Artist Portrait)

(5th Saturday of the month: another issue, usually a special)


Café électronique Radio Regentrude


Café électronique – (80s – 90s – Dance – House) 

Our virtual (dance) café opens for you and offers all kinds of danceable stuff from Italo and Electro Pop, good old 80s & 90s, disco sounds, dance & eletronica, house to the hottest club sounds; and selected tunes of our international music partners


Chiller’s Beauty – (Chillout – Dreampop – Ambient – Lounge – Dreamdance – New Age) 

Let yourself be carried away to distant (dream) worlds, to tropical islands, to lonely, white beaches, and to galaxies full of mystic, gentle sounds. Enjoy the calm, soulful music and selected pieces  from our international music partners! Relax, feel good, enjoy! Turn off the world and turn on Radio Regentrude!



Cosmic Chill Lounge – (Chillout – Lounge – Ambient – Newage – Downtempo) -with Ms. Urmeline –

Enjoy the calm sounds of soft music, spherical soundscapes and let yourself be surrounded by floating carpets of sound! Our Cosmic Chill Lounge offers you the perfect relaxation zone, far away from the stressful everyday life! Different music styls from different counties and selectred releases of our international music partners.



Country Pearls – (Country – Americana – Bluegrass)   with Ms. Urmeline

Country, Bluegrass, Americana, Nashville Sound, Southern Soul, Hillbilly).

Cowboys, songs of loneliness, male friendships and love ... Campfire romance, railroads, horses ... finest country music in all its varieties from Bluegrass to Honkey Tonk and Western Swing to Nashville Sound and Americana and selected releases of our international music partners.



Dark is the night – (Darkwave – Gothicrock – Metal) – wiht Willy Wuff

the night in all its fascinating shades, that’s Dunkel ist die Nacht, of course with Willy Wuff and a handpicked selection from Gothic, Gothic Rock, Dark, Dark Pop and Dark Wave. among others from our international music  partners!


Eine Zeitung reports (Satire & Music)  – with Willy Wuff

A satirical look at current news by Willy Wuff and featuring the contributions of Eine Zeitung, who have kindly allowed us to use their articles in our broadcasts.




Featured Music Partner (Various music styles) – Music non stop –

Enjoy this handpicked, weekly changing selection from the rich music catalogues of our international music partners 





Finest Selection –  (Various music styles) –  with Ms. Urmeline –

(our sounding box of chocolates a handpicked selection of tracks particularly worth listening to from a wide variety of genres with a focus on music from our international music partners each issue features a different compilation of selected musical styles


Good Nes auf Radio Regentrude




Good News  – Positive news & music – with Ms. Urmeline

In times of fake news, media fearmongering and terror reports, we long for the good news, the positive news and we have it! 2 hours full of positive news



Halo-halo mit Chong

Halo-Halo with Chong – English & German

neew – 

Halohalo (from Tagalog mishmash, mix) is a typical dessert of Filipino cuisine. Our host is Filipino and named his show after this specialty of his country, because in this format he always presents new, handpicked ear candy of the different music styles including electronic ambient, trip hop, smooth jazz, alternative, world music and many other genres. Always included: selected releases of our international muic partners. Musicians from Chong’s home country will also be featured.

Filipinos love karaoke, by the way. They may not always sound like Caruso, but they always sing with a lot of heart. Every now and then you might hear Chong singing.

More details about the dessert halohalo can be found on Wikipedia:


Hexes Wundertüte



Hexes Wundertüte – (means: Hexe’s magic miracle bag)

Hexe enchants her audience with a devilishly good mix of Germanlanguage and international music from different genres, lovingly put together according to her own mood. She will also present tunes from our internantional music partners.



Holli’s Rock & Blues Corner  – with Holger Eilers

Attention: new broadcasting time(s)

Holli presents finest Rock and Blue of the most different styles; including handpicked releases of our international music partners.

Every Thursday 9  10 p. m.   and a second show on another day (please check out our broadcasting schedule for details).



Im Takt – magazine for choral & choir music with Jürgen Bruch –(

(Sundays from 7 p. m.  + Thursdays from 7 – 8 p. m.   

A fascinating, onehour journey into the colorful world of choral & choir music  and vocal ensembles from classical choral pieces and folk tunes to musical and operetta melodies, gospels, spirituals and sacred music to cover songs by wellknown performers from rock & pop lovingly compiled and presented by Jürgen Bruch a program not only for choir music fans!






Jazzy Mood Café – (Smooth)Jazz – Swing – Bigband – – with Ms. Urmeline –

Jazzy has many meanings from jazzy to great, but also colorful. full of energy ... and that’s exactly what applies to the music in our Jazzy Mood Café! From classic jazz to swing, big band sounds, smooth jazz, to pop jazz and chillout jazz ... but also Latin Jazz and other jazzy music styles are waiting for you! Here are the sounds that will thrill not only the heart of every jazz fan! Also included in this show: selected releases of our international music partners.




Kaleidoskop – Knowledge & Learning – with Ms. Urmeline-

Everyday phenomena and exciting scientific topics explained in an understandable way for everyone, plus a selection of interesting music, including selected releses of our international music partners.



Broadcasts from our cooperation partner, Klinikfunk am Städt. Klinikum in Karlsruhe (hospital radio) including interesting and exciting live studio guests.


Knabbelkümpken auf Radio Regentrude




Knabbelkümpken – with Dr. Klaus-Werner Kahl – Low German radio show – 

Mondays from 6 p.m. 7 p.m. + Fridays from 7 p.m. 8 p.m.

interesting, informative and very entertaining series in Low German with stories, poems, tales, funny and informative, also with a lot of Low German music (rock, pop, singersongwriter).




MedWatch News  –  verified and confirmed News form health / xcience & research – presented b Willy Wuff A broadcast format in which Willy Wuff, with the kind permission of the creators of MedWatch, presents some their articles in his radio show. Musically there’s everything possible, depending on the mood of the presenter. Just no „Schlager“, no hip hop and no rap, Willy Wuff never has the right mood for this kind of muisc anyway.






Metal Roses (Symphonic Metal – Speed Metal – Power Metal) – with Ms. Urmline –

They are fragrant, fascinatingly beautiful and yet sometimes sting roses. Ours are from Symphonic, Power Metal, Epic Power Metal and Speed Metal, sometimes Metal Ballads, do not smell, but sound really good! A colorful melodic metal bouquet, picked just for you! Also included in the show: selected releases of our international music partners


Moondance mit Martika s30 pixabay


Moondance with Martika

Here the name says it all! With an ever-changing, fascinating selection of sounds from calm to dynamic, Martika invites her audience to move, dance, or just bob along to the beat and enjoy the music. Please visit our bradcast schedule for details about when the show will be on.





Moon Light (Synthiepop – Future Pop – Gregorian – Metal Ballads) – with Ms. Urmeine –

In the moonlight they flutter off ... the shadow creatures and night owls and dive into the sea of Dark Pop, Electro Pop, Synth Pop, Future Pop, Dark Romantic, Soft Goth and Spoken Words as well as some Gregorian  and Melodic Rock Ballads, and selected tunes of our international music partners



Radio Regentrude Nachtexpress



Nachtexpess -(= night express) with Ms. Urmeline

Enjoy a hqndpicked selection of different music styles.

Nachtschwärmereien - Pixabay


Nachtschwärmereien – (means Night Hawks) with Ms. Urmleine

Nachtschwärmereien the original show and only on our radio.

Music for everybody who turn night into day and all night owls. Always a different selection of finest music of different genres. 




POSTILLNEWS (Satire & Music) – with Willy Wuff –

In times of fake news and terror reports, it can be hard to laugh. Not with us! If you’re as fed up with the news terror as we are, then tune in to Willy Wuff. Because with a good shot of satire, the news are well bearable. Smirking fits and laughing attacks are preprogrammed and quite intended! Many thanks to the editors of Der Postillion, who kindly allowed us to use their articles in our broadcasts!





Power Flowers (new releases only)  – hosted and presented by Ms. Urmeline

In this show we present a handpicked selection of new music from various genres.


Weekly Mix / Featured Music Partner –  (Various music styles) – Music non stop –

A handpicked, weekly changing selection from the rich music catalogue of our international music partners

Rock Express mit Dave Kaye auf Radio Regentrude


Rock Express with Dave Kaye –

new – 

Dave serves up the finest rock & metal from the classics to gems from lesser known artists and bands from around the world. One show per week, at 8 or 10 p.m. (Please check out broadcasting schedule)



ROckophon auf Radi oRegentrude






Rock-o-Phon (Various rock styles) – with Ms. Urmleine-

The finest rock in its most beautiful shades: Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Country Rock,  Heavy Metal, Melodic Rock, Psychedelic Rock and other varieties of the popular music genre, also in this show: selected pieces of our international music partners 


Rock op Platt – Rockmusic (various Genres)  presented by Roadreaper

Finest Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal presented in Low German the music itself is not Low German ;) but the presenter from the tips of his hair to his toe! And he also loves to present selected tunes our international music partners in his show!




Sahnestücke auf Radio Regentrude

Sahnestücke –  (Various music styles) – with Ms. Urmeline –

Cream pieces for the ear! In every show a new compilation of handpicked music styles that caress the ear! Tune in and enjoy; also in this show: selected tunes from the rich catalogues of our international music partners!




Saturday Dream Night – (Various music styles) – with Ms. Urmeline –

Enjoy a a different, handpicked compilation of dreamy songs from a wide variety of genres in every show always inclued in this show: tunes from our international music partners

Friday Night Party mit Ines & Holger



Saturday (or Friday) Night Party – – with Ines & Holger

new – 

The big and small hits of the 80s & 90s together with the finest Schlager, Schlager-Pop and Pop-Schlager – 1 x / month Friday or Saturday from  9 – 11 p. m. (please see broadcast schedule for details)



Schlager Party mit Ines und Holger slider sendef


Schlager-Party with Ines & Holger

THE show for all lovers of Schlager music! Ines & Holger serve in finest Schlager, PopSchlager, SchlagerPop and PartySchlager from well known old songs to popular and modern sounds 

Hot Air Balloon Pixabay

Theme- / Genre-Streams (msuci only)

A handpicked, weekly changing selection of the rich music catalogue of our international music partners 


Time Machine - pixabay


Time Machine – The original created and presented by Ms. Urmeline

Enjoy this journey through space and  time and the wonderful music




The Rhythm Train   (Jazz – Swing – Soul – RnB – Funk) – with Ms. Urmeline –

Get on board, take a ride! The Rhythm Train with finest (smooth) jazz, funk, RnB, blues, soul, swing, big band sound and more to enjoy! Boogie, Reggae, Latin or Calypso are also included and selected releases of  our international music partners


The Whisper of Ages – (Celtic – Irish Folk, Scottish Folk) – with Ms. Urmeline –

A handpicked selection of finest sounds from Celtic, Irish & Scottish Folk as well as Medieval / Middle Ages also included in this show: selected releses of our international music partners.


World of World Music



WoW – World of World Music – (various World Music styles) – with Ms. Urmeline

Here you get an insight into the fascinating and captivating world of world music and into the musical richness of (sometimes not so) distant countries! Also inclued in this show: selected relases of our international music partners


All our programs are repeated in our daytime and early evening program on different days at different times (different editions), so you can choose the most convenient time for you to listen to our programs!

Which interesting, exciting and informative programs you can also listen to with us, you can find out in our >>> broadcasting schedule <<<


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